Post-Breakup, Take a Look at Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt’s 5-Year Relationship

Practically any aspiring beauty guru is familiar with the work of Jeffree Star—the year-old YouTuber and mogul who’s found himself in more drama than we can keep track of. Twitter wars aside, Star is a major deal in the beauty industry, and has been for years. In fact, if we’re ranking him by net worth, Star clocks in as being one of the richest YouTubers in the business, with his eponymous cosmetics company contributing to his fortune. So, how exactly does he make all this coin? At last count, Star has approximately 15 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He is amongst the most subscribed YouTubers in the world, and the second highest-subscribed beauty YouTuber behind Rachel Claire Levin. He also receives a tidy sum from each view on his channel. Despite the platform’s contributions to his fortune, Star has said in the past that he doesn’t use YouTube for income, but because he enjoys it. As mentioned before, Star makes a pretty penny from his namesake line of cosmetics.


Jeffree Star has canceled his European masterclass tour just days before its commencement. The tour was supposed to kick off January 10 in Dublin, spanning Amsterdam and Newcastle, eventually ending in Liverpool. All four dates have been canceled, the brand said, adding that everyone who purchased tickets would be refunded. We are exploring the possibility of rescheduling the events with Jeffree’s team, and of course you will be the first to hear.

Jeffree Star is one of the most well-known influencers in the beauty industry Jeffree Star finally launched his own makeup line called Jeffree Star Cosmetics in Next Selena Gomez’s Total Dating History, In Order.

YouTube star Jeffree Star shocked fans and followers on January 11, when he announced that him and long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt had broken up. For the five years that they were together, Jeffree and Nathan often showcased their adorable relationship on social media. But when exactly did these two make things official? How did they meet? What led to their split? No worries, because J has taken a walk down memory lane and broke down their relationship from start to finish.

Love J? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars. The couple made their relationship official with an Instagram post on March 29, They broke down their relationship and revealed that up until Jeffree, Nathan had only been with women. Fans started to speculated that Nathan was only with Jeffree for money after his previous relationships came to light. Jeffree and Nathan designed the collection together and named some of the makeup shades after their Pomeranian pups.

I knew he was the one for me as soon as we locked eyes. What year were you born?

A detailed timeline of Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt’s relationship

Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Grab the tissues to keep your mascara from running. Jeffree Star and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt have broken up after five years. Star confirmed the breakup rumors in an emotional YouTube video in which he thanked fans for all the love and support during this difficult time.

She’s hanging out with A$AP Rocky, but she is not dating him.” We’re keeping our eyes open for who she will partner with next. Jeffree Star and.

James is no stranger to controversy. The YouTube star has garnered over 2 million followers on YouTube and Instagram and is often found at the center of the drama. He rose to fame in after being named the first male ambassador for Cover Girl cosmetics and has since developed his own makeup line with Morphe. The beauty mogul has also developed a reputation for being at the center of multiple feuds with fellow YouTubers and other celebrities.

Starting with Tati, who accused James of manipulating straight men into hooking up. Fast Forward to , and both Tati and Jeffree have publicly apologized and gone on to face their own set of controversies. Earlier in August, the beauty blogger was criticized for his attack on Alicia Keys, who released a skincare and beauty line. Although He apologized immediately after his tweet, it appears not much has changed.

The YouTuber is now lashing out at the beloved The Hills alum Lauren Conrad, who has left her days of hanging out at the Roosevelt Hotel with Brody and the gang to become a fashion mogul , wife, mother, and now beauty care creator. Stop making makeup brands. She will be let go immediately. My stories talking about the products were supposed to be funny but they just came across as nasty because I was so upset, not with her, but with other things that happened today.

Source: James Charles , Lauren Conrad.

A Comprehensive History Of All Of Jeffree Star’s Celebrity Feuds

The YouTuber addressed all the rumours about James in his latest video. Manny asked his Instagram followers to give him rumours that they had heard about him on his Instagram Story. In the video, Manny pulls up the rumours, which included that he’s pretending to be gay he’s definitely not and that he’s had butt implants it’s actually a Brazilian butt lift. We are not together. We are friends.

We knew Jeffree Star was wealthy but this is next-level. Here, how much he earns in a year.

Rumors have been swirling around Jeffree Star’s love life for a little while now, and unfortunately, those rumors turned out to be true. This is a definitive end for one YouTube era, as the celebs were dating for five years. Fans were so invested in the long-term relationship, and clearly, so was the famous YouTube star and makeup entrepreneur. News reported that rumors of the split began recently when Star posted a tweet that said, “Dear God please stop the pain,” and deleted it quickly after.

The YouTube video quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of views just hours after it was uploaded, with countless supportive comments from fans rolling in. Star kept it simple for both the title and the caption, simply writing, “We Broke Up” and “Thank you all for the love and support during this difficult time,” respectively. He began the video by saying, “Hi guys, I don’t even know how to do this intro. I never thought the day would come where I’d be sitting here talking about this.

For the entirety of the minute video, Star sits in bed, surrounded by pink decor, with his pups there for moral support. He continues, “We’ve tried to film this ten times now and I’ve cried every single time

Manny MUA addresses rumours he’s “hooking up” with James Charles

YouTube makeup and superstar Jeffree Star has fans worried about her future with her boyfriend Nathan Schwandt after cancellations of recent tours and some clues in their social media profiles. The couple has been dating since after meeting through Instagram in , and even recently they moved together to a large mansion, but it seems that things for the couple may have reached a difficult point. Jeffree canceled his European master class tour a few days before it began.

The tour would begin on January 10 and have four dates that would cover places like Dublin, Amsterdam, Newcastle and end in Liverpool. While Jeffree hasn’t shared anything about the events, the makeup artist MMMMitchell He took advantage of his Instagram stories to offer a little more information.

In , Jeffree launched his own make-up range Jeffree Star Cosmetics. On his They’ve been dating since early when Nathan reached out to Jeffree on.

The company has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today and has continued to expand and grow its brand using a modern approach to business. The year-old has been an internet sensation for more than a decade now and amassed an impressive cult following. In addition to talking up his own cosmetics in videos, Star reviews other makeup lines and is known for savagely speaking his mind.

Here are 20 pictures of Jeffree Star’s career. Before his fame, Jeffree worked behind makeup counters like M. C and did makeup for celebrities, fashion shoots, and weddings. Before Instagram and YouTube, Jeffree Star rose to fame on the original social networking site Myspace by regularly posting his music and beauty-related blogs. The platform catapulted the singer into the limelight and by , Jeffree Star was the most followed non-artist person on MySpace.

Jeffree went on to release his first and only studio album Beauty Killer back in

Jeffree Star sharing relationship online ‘undoubtedly added pressure’ amid split rumours

Many people who end up becoming famous have always dreamed of the spotlight and to be the focus of attention. They have since been able to then gain millions of fans from around the world after having worked very hard to reach this goal. Some others, however, become famous basically due to a chance meeting that changed their lives forever, regardless of whether they ever wanted it or not.

Getty Jeffree Star’s boyfriend is Nathan Schwandt. Is Jeffree Star married? They started dating in when Star was single for seven years.

Jeffree Star is no stranger to beauty drama and, today, the beauty mogul has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy — this time surrounding the hexagonal packaging used on his recent Blood Lust eyeshadow palette. As noted by Cosmopolitan UK , a beauty fan recently noticed that Jeffree’s Blood Lust palette, which comes in a glamorously gothic hexagon emblazoned with swirls and crowns, looks very similar to a product released by beauty brand Lorac back in In terms of similarities, Lorac’s is a deep red, while Jeffree’s is purple.

Both are hexagonal and appear to be covered in velvety material , and have a similar “royal” vibe, with fancy script lettering and crown motifs. However, it looks like the Lorac product isn’t actually a palette at all, but a box meant to house a collection of lipsticks, shadows, blushes, glosses, and liners. After seeing the original Reddit posts, some took to Twitter to address the controversy further. Invest and make something different maybe?

Others, however, came to Jeffree’s defense, saying that no one can “own” a hexagonal palette. Because Lorac’s box was six sided no one else can use a six sided container. Do you see how very stupid that sounds?