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Images in a range of media are found within the Bodleian’s Special Collections. Drawings, prints and photographs, as well as copper-plates and wood-blocks, form parts of several collections which the Bodleian has acquired since the 17th century. Prints and illustrations of distinct kinds can be found in seven named collections:. Contact us Send us your feedback.

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All rights reserved, DACS Whilst his sculptural works are initially thought out through detailed sketches — often including precise dimensions and fabrication notes — he also draws obsessively for the sake of drawing. He also describes it as a good way to explore complicated ideas without incurring the costs involved in the fabrication of new works. The importance of drawing to Hirst is affirmed by the three dedicated exhibitions he has presented.

He also draws compulsively purely for the sake of drawing, frequently making rapid sketches as gifts or as portraits of friends. Goodsex, nothing is problem for me, he tried to internalise everything, followed from a note, from head to paper.

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If the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany is ever robbed, the criminals might get away with a garage-full of rare cars , but at least the company’s secret formulas will remain locked away. An extension of the Porsche Archive is located 17 miles away in Weissach, containing a monstrous collection of Porsche’s design drawings. In typical German thoroughness, a team of historians has spent years sourcing and maintaining every Porsche drawing ever composed, and head caretaker Uwe Geisel opened the vault to give all of us fans a tour.

The majority of the collection consists of architectural drawings dating from to Accession number: AR Quantity.2 linear feet (1 text box).

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The amazing discovery was made by archaeologist Dr Luca Pollarolo, of Witwatersrand University in South Africa, while he painstakingly sifted through thousands of similar flakes that were excavated from Blombos Cave in the lab. It contains material dating from , to 70 years ago, a time period referred to as the Middle Stone Age, as well as younger, Later Stone Age material dating from 2, to years ago.

Realising that the lines on the flake were unlike anything that the team had come across from the cave before, they set out to answer the questions it posed. Under the guidance of study second author Professor Francesco d’Errico, of the University of Bordeaux in France, the team examined and photographed the piece under a microscope to establish whether the lines were part of the stone or whether it was applied to it.

To ensure their results, they also examined the piece by using RAMAN spectroscopy and an electron microscope.

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up by Ángel M. de Barcia, head of the Fine Arts Section, was published in ​, and included almost 10, drawings dating from the 15th to the 19th century.

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Painting of a Bison c. Polychrome Animal Painting from Altamira c. Altamira Cave Paintings: A Summary.

The results indicated that the oldest drawings were much older than expected, with uncalibrated dates between 30, and 32, bp (see below Dating and its​.

Archaeologists have uncovered what may be the oldest human-made drawings ever found. Discovered in a cave in South Africa, the cross-hatch pattern was drawn in red ochre and found to date back over 70, years, making the image more than 30, years older than the previous reigning champion. The drawing is made up of six roughly-parallel vertical lines crossed by three curved horizontal lines, marked on a small fragment of silcrete — a cemented mixture of sand and gravel — that measures According to the researchers, the way the lines go right to the edges of the stone suggest that it’s just a fragment of a larger piece of work.

To get an idea of how the drawings were made, the researchers tried to recreate them in the lab. Marking silcrete flakes with both ochre crayons and paint, the team found that the ochre was the closest match, given the patchy nature of the material. These tests also suggest that the crayon had a tip measuring between 1. The drawing itself may not seem too remarkable, given tens of thousands of years of art progress, but its age is the point of interest. It was found in sediment that’s around 73, years old, dating back to the Middle Stone Age.

That makes it significantly older than previous evidence of drawing techniques, the earliest of which are 42,year old charcoal drawings of seals found in Spain. Blombos Cave in South Africa, where the ochre drawing was discovered, has turned up dozens of ancient human artifacts since excavations began in The drawing, it turns out, is actually towards the younger end of the scale, with other objects like shell beads, tools and engravings found to be as old as , years. A paper on the study was published this Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Sources: University of Bergen , University of the Witwatersrand.

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The discovery indicates that figurative cave art — one of the most significant innovations in human culture — didn’t begin in Europe as many scientists thought, but rather in Southeast Asia during the last ice age, the researchers said. Drawing animals, an accomplishment in itself, may have been a gateway for illustrating other aspects of the human experience, including hunting and dance.

The ancient artwork covers the walls of secluded limestone caves in the rugged and remote mountains of the East Kalimantan province of Indonesian Borneo. The researchers collected calcium-carbonate samples from the Kalimantan cave drawings so they could do uranium-series dating — a technique made possible by radioactive decay. When rainwater seeps through limestone, it dissolves a small amount of uranium, Aubert told Live Science.

By studying the ratio of uranium to thorium in the calcium carbonate limestone that is coating the cave art, researchers determined how old the initial coating was, he said. The oldest figurative art — the mystery animal that is likely a species of wild cattle that once stomped around the jungles of Borneo — was at least 40, years old, Aubert said.

Previously, the oldest known animal painting in the world was an approximately 35,year-old babirusa, or “pig-deer,” on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, he said. The team’s results showed that the ancient artwork in East Kalimantan was made during three distinct periods. The first phase, which dates to between 52, and 40, years ago, includes hand stencils and reddish-orange ochre-drawn animals — mostly the banteng Bos javanicus , a type of wild cattle that still lives in Borneo, and the mysterious, unknown wild cow, Aubert said.

A major change happened to the culture during the icy Last Glacial Maximum about 20, years ago, which led to a new style of rock art — one that focused on the human world. The artists in this phase favored a dark mulberry-purple color and painted hand stencils, abstract signs and human-like figures wearing elaborate headdresses and engaging in various activities, such as hunting or ritualistic dancing, the researchers said. The final phase of rock art includes humanlike figures, boats and geometric designs that were mostly drawn with black pigments, the researchers said.

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For decades, the third-floor storage closet at Hellgate High School has harbored a hidden treasure, overlooked during annual spring cleanings, mistaken as a stack of old cardboard. That is until Hellgate art teachers Loretta Vizzutti and Marvin Pauls pulled the pile off a high shelf in a dark corner during a recent effort to make room for more art supplies. What they discovered was a stack of 70 or so old student drawings, most dating back to the s.

The collection includes pencil and ink portraits, painted mosaics, gouache, book jackets, original magazine covers and advertising assignments, logos and creative lettering. Vizzutti’s mother attended high school in the same building during the s, so for her especially the find holds significance.

Likes, 11 Comments – Photo-based Art / Drawings (@axelsaffran) on Instagram: “This one is even older, dating back to the same period as.

Ryun Warren, center, reviewing architectural drawings with fellow members of American Institute of Architecture Students. Within these documents I was able to see how the design and drafting process has evolved over time, especially in regards to major technological advancements in the field i. The art of hand drafting has almost become a lost art with the efficiency of computer software in a fast-paced society. However, the majority of these sets of construction documents were hand drawn and reveal the level of detail and thought given to each building that is or has been a part of The Hill.

From Van Meter Hall to the original Ogden College buildings, from iconic Cherry Hall to Diddle Arena, I was fortunate enough to be able to not only study architectural history but to study the history of our college campus, its story throughout time as told through its construction. The importance of preserving this story was impressed upon me throughout my stay in the WKU Archives.

Proper storage is the only way to ensure that these beautiful drawings withstand the test of time and are available for future generations to study and admire.

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It is noted both for the originality and quality of its animal representations and for their great age. A draft often indicates a continuation behind an obstruction. Speleologist Michel Rosa and several friends tried to get through but were blocked by a stalagmite that obstructed the very narrow passage. With the help of a spelunking ladder, they descended 26 feet 8 metres to the ground below. On December 29, , at the request of the French Ministry of Culture, French archaeologist Jean Clottes visited the cave and applied his scientific expertise to assess the nature and quality of the discovery.

The following February he took tiny samples of charcoal from the ground, from torch marks on the walls, and from a few drawings in order to radiocarbon-date them. The results indicated that the oldest drawings were much older than expected, with uncalibrated dates between 30, and 32, bp see below Dating and its consequences for the history of art.

It was the first time worldwide that such a complete scientific team was assembled to study a major rock art site. From the beginning of the project, protecting such an exceptional cave had been the overriding priority. Protecting the site meant never trampling on soft ground, in order to respect even the faintest traces left behind.